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Light Armour: Cost: AC: DR: Max Dex: Penalty: Lbs: Special:
Tactical Vest 100 1 1/B 9 0 5
Flak Vest 250 3 3/B 6 -2 15
Civilian Vac Suit 1000 1 1/B 4 -4 30 Vac Rated (24h)
Military Vac Suit 5000 3 3/B 6 -3 40 Vac Rated (48h)
Medium Armour: Cost: AC: DR: Max Dex: Penalty: Lbs: Special:
Combat Armour 5000 5 5/B 4 -4 45
Utility Exoskeleton 20000 3 3/B 3 -4 60 Powered, Bulky
Stealth Armour 50000 4 4/B 4 -3 30 Stealthy
Heavy Armour: Cost: AC: DR: Max Dex: Penalty: Lbs: Special:
Riot Armour 10000 6 6 3 -6 50
Bomb Suit 20000 7 8 1 -8 80 Gloveless
Powered Armour 150000 8 8 4 -4 100 Powered, Bulky, Vac Rated (48h)
Shield: Cost: AC: DR: Max Dex: Penalty: Lbs: Special:
Combat Shield 500 1 0 4 -2 5
Riot Shield 1000 2 0 3 -4 10
Ballistic Shield 2000 3 2 -6 20
Breaching Shield 4000 4 0 1 -8 30

Armour Special Rules:

Bulky: Armour with the Bulky rule is unusually large. It's wearer counts as being one size category larger.

Powered: Armour with the Powered ability is equipped with systems that enhance it's users strength and speed. A person wearing armour with the Powered ability has his carrying capacity doubled, and gains a +5 bonus to his base speed. However, these systems are noisy and cause the wearer to take a -2 penalty to his Stealth checks.

Stealthy: Armour with the Stealthy ability has it's surface covered in special smart cloths, which change colour automatically to match it's wearers surroundings. A person wearing Stealthy armour gains a +2 bonus to his Stealth checks. This increases to +4 if the person remains completely still.

Vac Rated: Vac Rated armour protects it's wearing from the dangers of open space. It has special climate control systems that grant it's wearing 15 points of fire and cold resistance. It also has life support systems that allow the user to breathe and otherwise function normally in vacuum or otherwise dangerous atmospheric conditions. These systems operate as long as the suit has power, which is listed in hours in it's Special qualities field. If the wearer of a suit suffers a confirmed critical hit which he takes damage from, then the suit is breached and ceases to protect against environmental hazards.

Gloveless: Armour with the Gloveless ability are specifically designed to maximize fine motor movement in the hands and forearms, and the wearer does not suffer armour penalties or a maximum dexterity bonus to checks involving only his hands. (such as disable device)