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Other Equipment

Ration Pack, 50: This small bag contains 12 meal bars.  Each one contains roughly 1000 calories and a sizable number of vitamins and minerals. While not particularly appetizing, they are a very weight effective way to ensure troops do not become malnourished in combat.

Duct Tape Bag, 100: A bag with 4 rolls (25 feet per roll) of military grade duct tape, which when applied is capable of sealing a hole or tear against water or air pressure for roughly 24 hours.

Wiring Kit, 200: This large box contains either a 500 ft spool of USB 17 cable, a 400 foot spool of medium power cable, or a 300 foot spool of heavy power cable. It also comes with a cable cutter/stripper, a crimper, and several dozen cable ends.

Socket Set, 400: This briefcase sized box contains several ratchets, and sockets for every standard size. It also comes with a screwdriver bit adaptor and standard screwdriver ends, and a set of wrenches.

Tool Belt, 100: This common leather tool belt comes with several handle tools, typically including a hammer, pliers, crowbar, and other simple tools.

Field Entrenching Kit, 150: This waterproof bag holds 2 folding shovels, a 5'x10' roll of camouflage net, and a 5'x10' roll of camouflage tarp. Unless otherwise specified as another type, the set comes in woodland camouflage.

Field Laptop, 4000: This design of laptop has been heavily modified for military use in the hostile environments.. It is equipped with a highly durable case, a multistage cooling system that allows it to work in desert and vacuum environments reliably, and has a greatly increased battery life compared to civilian models - though it is substantially heavier and bulkier.

Chemical Analyzer, 1500: This shoebox sized sensor unit is capable of performing detailed scans of the chemical composition of air, liquids, and solids. It is commonly used to search the air for traces drugs and weapons by security troops, as a survival aid on planets to determine if something is edible, or even to simply determine if the air of a planet is breathable.

Backpack Radio, 2000: Handset type radios and comm devices are generally limited by range and battery life - both of these owing to their small size. While a high end handset will be lucky to push a range of 100km, a backpack unit built on the same technology will have a range in the thousands of kilometres. On a planet this means they are often limited more by line of sight then their actual range, which generally means they can be used to contact ships in orbit.

First Aid Kit, 50: This box contains bandages, painkillers, antiseptics, and other tools useful for treating injuries. It is expended after 10 uses.

Collapsible Stretcher, 50: This stretcher can be easily folded into a small package suitable for easy transportation and storage when not in use.

Field Weaponsmith's Kit, 1000: This briefcased sized case contains the basic tools needed to repair and maintain most weapons, and perform most modifications as well.

Field Armourer's Kit, 1000: This briefcased sized case contains the basic tools needed to repair and maintain most armours, and perform most modifications as well.

Demolition Charge, 1000: This shaped charge is roughly the size of a large lunch box, and deals 20d6 damage in a 40' radius (or half that amount of damage out to twice that range). It can also be armed and attached to an object for timed demolition

They are typically equipped with a magnetic clamp which can be set as a full round action with a DC 15 Knowledge (Explosives) check. If done so the range and damage of the blast effect damage is halved, but it deals full damage to whatever it is affixed to. This process is risky however, and on a roll of 4 or less the user misfires the charge and it detonates immediately at full power.

Spotting Scope, 1000: This is a compact x30 scope with a secondary x2 locator scope and a small tripod. While designed for use by the spotter of a sniper team, it can be used for long ranged surveillance in general.

Backpack UAV, 1500: This electric powered fixed wing UAV comes with a small control station, all of which are stored in a backpack which comes with the set. While generally used for surveillance, it also is equipped with a small internal storage capacity (roughly the size of a shoebox) in which a mission specific module can be attached. Common modules include additional surveillance systems, additional batteries, or a payload of grenades or other light armaments. It is powered by 8 commercial 9 volt batteries, and has a standard operating time of 3 hours per set. When fully unfolded it has a 5 foot wingspan, and it can be set up or packed up in a minute by a trained operator.