d20 Redshirts

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The following is a brief list of the Skills of Redshirts, with notes comparing them to the skills of vanilla Pathfinder as needed.

Acrobatics (dex) - Unchanged.  Jumping and Tumbling out of danger.

Appraise (int) - Unchanged.  Determining the value of something.

Athletics (str) - Combine the Climbing and Swimming skills of Pathfinder

Bluff (cha) - Unchanged.  Making someone believe something that isn't true.

Demolitions (int) - setting/disarming/optimizing explosive charges

Diplomacy (cha) - Convincing someone to your point of view.

Disable Device (dex) - Unchanged.  Pick locks, defuse bombs, etc.

Disguise (cha) - Unchanged.  Convincing everyone you're someone else.

Drive (dex) - Operating a car, truck, or tank.

Escape Artist (dex) - Unchanged.  Getting out of tricky situations.

Fly (dex) - Changed to include personal flight from sources such as jetpacks, parachutes, or hang gliders. (but not an enclosed glider or powered aircraft)

Heal (wis) - Unchanged.  Tending to injuries.

Intimidate (cha) - Unchanged.  Terrorize everyone.

Knowledge (Academics) (int) - arts, literature, philosophy, history, etc

Knowledge (Architecture) (int) - creating structures, identifying weak points, optimizing fortifications

Knowledge (Behavioral) (int) - psychology, sociology, criminology

Knowledge (Civics) (int) - Laws, customs, politics, litigation, governments, bureaucracy

Knowledge (Culture) (int) - customs, cultures, popular media

Knowledge (Electronics) (int) - computers and software design, communication, sensor, EW systems

Knowledge (Mechanical) (int) - Propulsion, FTL jump drives, life support systems, machinery

Knowledge (Nature) (int) - plants, wildlife, weather, biology, geology

Knowledge (Sciences) (int) - chemistry, physics, mathematics, astronomy

Knowledge (Warfare) (int) - weapons and defenses, military traditions/formations, unit compositions

Linguistics (int) - Unchanged.  The speaking of languages.

Perception (wis) - Unchanged.  Being aware of one's surroundings.

Profession (wis) - Earning a living.  Craft and Perform are folded into here

Sense Motive (wis) - Unchanged.  Determine falsehoods.

Sleight of Hand (dex) - Unchanged.  Thieving and hiding objects.

Stealth (dex) - Unchanged.  Avoid detection.

Survival (wis) - Unchanged.  Track targets and live off the land.

Pilot (dex) - Control aircraft, spacecraft, and starships.

Repair (int) - Maintaining and repairing your equipment.

Ride (dex) - The usage of horses, motercycles, and the occasional jetbike.

Use Alien Device (int) - Puzzling out the truly unknown.

Use Computers (int) - Programming, Hacking, and other electronic magic.